Footprint of the GIZI Foundation 


Keem Jiyoung, Kim Deok Han [Glowing Overlaid Hour] 

1st, Sep, 2023 - 31st, Oct, 2023


4 pm. 17th December, 2022. 

We had a special lecture session of Prof. Kang Namsoon

Park Seo-Bo

Ten Years after the Korean War

15th, Dec, 2022 - 31st, Mar, 2022


3pm. 10th, Dec, 2022

We had a special lecture session of Nah Sung-in at Stay.Z of GIZI

7pm. 6th, Dec, 2022

We had a special lecture session of Critic Shin Hyungchul at Stay.Z of GIZI

7pm. 29th, Nov. 2022

We had a special lecture of Prof. Simon Molly at Stay.Z of GIZI

Lee Hyunjong

Animal Sensory Meridian Response

11th, Nov, 2022 - 11th, Dec, 2022 ARTBASE 26SQM

The 'Sound of Temptation' is displayed as a collection of works on the subject of hunting.
Along with the visual and tactile language of the exhibition hall, we would like to talk in the auditory language delivered by the works (instruments) that the viewer can play directly.

On December 11, 2022, at 5 p.m., A.S.M.R. Live performance and artist talk were also held.

On October 31, we held an irregular board meeting of the foundation and discussed various issues in depth.

Park Seo-Bo [Circulation of Ecriture Ed.01]

26th, Oct, 2022 - 8th, Nov, 2022


SMHRCH [The Ascent of the Pale Sun Awaits]

18th, Oct, 2022 - 6th, Nov, 2022

ARTBASE 26SQM and StayZ.

After moving from Paris to London, Milan, Shenzhen, and other short-lived destinations in Europe and Asia, SMHRCH is now based in Seoul, and organized around a grown international circle. It spreads around several axes: A Publishing Studio, a Design Studio and an Art Laboratory whose vocation is the production of films and plastic works. It also offers services for the publication of paper books, multimedia, architecture, design, curation and consulting services.    

9-2, Yeonhuiro 24gil, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul, Korea | | Email : i@gizi.kr