Hello from Chairman of the Board 

Over four years have passed since this foundation was created. One by one, the projects it has envisioned have found their way and begun moving forward. The process of guiding Park Seo-Bo’s legacy in the direction he intends has been as challenging a process as the course the artist himself followed in his life. The foundation’s main focuses lie in tracking down, assembling, and organizing all the marks that Park has left upon the world to provide tangible and intangible archives to researchers, while managing donated artwork to make them available to more viewers.

To this end, we are currently working our hardest to open a Park Seo-Bo art museum in Yecheon County, and we have purchased land in Seoul’s Yeonhui neighborhood to prepare for a Park Seo-Bo memorial. These are long-term projects that take place over the course of several years. Based on an agreement with the Gwangju Biennale, we have created the Park Seo-Bo Art Prize, which awards US$100,000 each to individuals selected by the Biennale to support their growth as world-class artists.

In 2023, we plan to begin producing a documentary on Park Seo-Bo’s past and present, and we are also working to follow up an English-language collection of Park’s work—planned by the foundation and published by the world-renowned company Rizzoli—with a Korean-language large-sized collection focusing on records from his everyday life. Each month, we organize special exhibitions for young artists and cultural events for residents.

Each new year will only add to our duties. They will also demand even higher levels of quality. Just as Park Seo-Bo created his artistic body of work through the endless repetition of actions, all of us at the GIZI Foundation will harness our spirit and wisdom to carry forward the artist’s legacy.

Seungho Park, chairman of the board, GIZI Foundation


2012.3 Ph.D. in Arts Engineering, Graduate School of Kyushu University

1999.3 Ph.D course completion, Tokyo University of the Arts

1993.8 MFA, Graduate School of Seoul National University

1989.8 MBA course completion, Graduate School of Business, Kookmin University

1987.2 BFA, Department of Industrial Design, Seoul National University


2002.9~2019.6 Tenured professor, Department of Convergence Contents, New Industry Convergence College, Ewha Womans University / Director of Art Science Convergence Research Institute

2021.2~Present Board member of Animal Rights Action KARA

2018.8~2020.8 Board Member, Korea Foundation for Women In Science, Engineering and Technology(WISET)

2014.1~2018.12 President of the Society for Design Convergence / Editor-in-Chief

2002.12~2019.12 ADADA (Asia Digital Art & Design Association) Vice President / Editor-in-Chief

2006.4~2012 Vice-President/ Editor-in-Chief, Korea Digital Design Society

2009.6~2012.6 President, Asia Digital Art & Design Association

1999.3~2002.8 Adjunct Professor, School of Design, Ewha Womans University

1999.10~2002.9 Vice President/Planning Director, Imagedrome Co., Ltd.

1999.3~2004.12 Lecturer at Seoul National University, Korea National University of Arts

1993.3~1995.2 Assistant at Seoul National University


2020.2 Minister of Education Commendation

2011~2014 Best Professor of Research Funding, Ewha Womans University,  Selected 4 times in a row

2008.12 Creative Designers Award of 2008

2006.12 Academic Award of the Year, Korea Digital Design Society 

2005.12 Grand Prize “Revitalization of Gwangbok Street & PIFF Plaza”

2005.6 2nd Prize, 6th Korea Science Contents Grand Prize

2003 Excellence Award , Korea Industrial Design Competition Special Selection

1993 Excellence Award, Goldstar International Industrial Design Competition

1993 Grand Prize, Korea Computer Graphics Competition

1992 Gold Prize, Korea Computer Video Festival

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