We have a tour program with docent on every Wednesday and Friday 2pm.

It is not allowed to visit without reservation because it is private place.


RiZZOLI published new book, 

'Park seo-Bo Ecriture'

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The GIZI Foundation is a non-profit foundation created in 2019 with funding by the artist Park Seo-Bo. The name “GIZI” has a dual meaning, representing both the Korean word for “base of activity” as well as a combination of the Korean characters for “spirit” (gi) and “wisdom” (zi) in reacting to different situations.

Building Park seo-bo museums and a memoria

We are planning exhibitions at a Park Seo-Bo museum in Jeju. Through the creation of a Park Seo-Bo memorial, we honor the artist’s life and artistic vision.

Creating park seo-bo archives

We are developing comprehensive archives of records and Park Seo-Bo’s artwork as an artist who created the concept of Dansaekhwa and has worked tirelessly ever since.

Managing park seo-bo copyrights and likeness rights

Entrusted with the management of Park Seo-Bo’s copyrights and likeness rights, the foundation works to protect the artist’s reputation and his economic and personal interests.

Planning and publishing books related to park seo-bo

To create a supportive environment for research on Park Seo-Bo, we collaborate with eminent publishing companies around the world to plan and publish collections of the artist’s work and related texts.

supporting young people's creative activities and exhibitions

Focusing on creative activities spanning multiple genres, we discover and support talented young artists to ensure that they do not become discouraged by financial struggles.

organizing cultural events for residents

A local community where diversity thrives is a wellspring of flourishing culture. Partnering with communities that emphasize artistry and cultural values over economic values, we offer various cultural events for local residents.